Monday, May 19, 2008

Bus Stop it!

This is a little project I have been working on lately. I'm pretty proud of it for the clarity. I'd love any critiques of it that anyone has out there.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bus Stopit rough

There is much more to come. This is just what I was able to fit in this morning. Critique, anyone. Please.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Alternate Beginning

I've been working on a short film, Pajama Gladiator, for a while now and I thought it would be fun to have an alternate beginning to shake things up.

Cliff Jumper

Much improved cliff jumper. Scroll down to see my first attempt.

Take That FINAL

Here is the final animatic for Take That. I love After Effects.
This is a dumb little animation with no real context. I was just interested in creating a hand-held look with the camera. This is pure random thinking at work here. I wonder if, psychologically, this is at all revealing of some hidden desires or repressed emotions.... Probably not.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Motion Graphics Demo

Not sure where else to put this. It's not storyboards or an animatic but I figure motion graphics is along the same lines, somehow.

I have always had a thing for base jumping. Granted, I've never actually done it, but I can imagine it's cool. I'm also continuing to learn about AE. the major problem on this shot is when the jumper leaps off the cliff, it feels like he slams into an invisible wall because my curves are all so hard. If anyone knows how to smooth out the curves in the curve editor, I'd love some tips.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Board to Film Comparison

Here is the storyboard to film comparison. I was impressed with how closely the director stuck to the boards I had worked on. In animation, the storyboards are translated very literally because you have complete control over the elements. But in live action, the storyboards are loose guidelines to get and overall feel of how a project will look. These shots match really closely to the boards that I had drawn out.

I enjoyed working on this project, the director was able to communicate exactly what his vision was and I was able to put that to paper in one draft. That rarely, if ever, happens. There is a saying that it shouldn't be called storyboarding, it should be called story re-boarding because you work and rework and rework things to death. This was one of those times when the channels of communication were open and uninterrupted.

Batman Boards

Though I wish I could say these boards were used for the actual Batman Animated series, this was just another very cool assignment in my advanced storyboarding class.

Illuminares boards

I worked on these boards for a 90 second spot for Brigham Young Philanthropies, completely separate from school. The director, Scott Wilhite, was great to work with. Because of his great ability to communicate, I was able to catch his vision right away and there were very few tweaks.

Advertising Boards

This work was done for an assignment in class

"Take That" Animatic

This was my first attempt at Adobe After Effects and I'm already sold on it. I loved working on this. It is only a short clip, and one day I may work out this whole sequence as a nice animatic. If I ever find the time. Right now, I'm learning what I love and where my passion is. Making animatics in After Effects is certainly a new love, and just might become a passion.

"Take That" first pass

"Take That" thumbs

Homefront Commercial Boards